UpClient Server Address Change


All UpClient users must change the server name in /etc/upclient.conf. The new uptimes server is uptimes.hostingwired.com to replace uptimes.wonko.com.

UpClient 5.0b8 - Important Security Update


This release is primarily a security update. It corrects bugs which under previous releases could be exploited locally to gain root access on some systems. All beta 5 users of UpClient are advised to upgrade to 5.0b8.

Continued thanks to all the beta testers who provided valuable feedback and patches for the various OSes.

Special thanks to Gino Thomas who identified and demonstrated the vulnerability on 2003.05.23. A description and technical details are available in a BugTraq advisory at SecurityFocus.com.


UpClient now supports the new Wonko UDP reporting protocol. We're calling this release 5.0 beta. We'd like it very much if you'd all download it and pound it into submission. At this point, it has been compiled and seems to work beautifully on MacOS X, Linux and FreeBSD. It should also compile on AIX, BeOS, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Irix, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix, UnixWare and perhaps even Windows (with a bit of luck).